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XPRESS is a robust, scalable software solution for Small-Medium Retailers to automate their Purchase, Inventory, Sales (B2B and B2C), POS, Office Administration, Payroll, Accounts and other related activities. XPRESS specializes in automating retail chains working on a hub/spoke model. XPRESS is our 6th generation Retail Software and has been built with inputs drawn from leading Retail Vendors.

XPRESS builds using the familiar Microsoft Windows interface and provides a UI that is easy to understand and use. Training requirements are minimal and the Microsoft Office like interface improves productivity and efficiency. XPRESS is designed as a multi-user environment software and can handle high volumes of transactions easily. XPRESS can be deployed in Mass Merchandise, Grocery, Apparel, Footwear, White Goods, Medical, Hardware and other similar segments.

XPRESS has a very flexible licensing feature wherein there is no restriction on the number of concurrent users using the software. One purchase of the software allows the Organization to use the software in any number of locations with any number of users. XPRESS is available with flexible pricing options that enable easy acquisition of the software. Support for the software is provided on demand via email, phone, remote desktop or personal visit. Exclusive customisation services for XPRESS are available for specific requirements of the business.

XPRESS has very good reporting capabilities that aid the organization make accurate business decisions. XPRESS has a highly intuitive reporting interface that allows users to filter, group data and represent results in multiple views. Report Data can be easily exported to common formats (PDF, Excel, Word, RTF). MIS Reporting enables comparison of data across locations, product groups, categories and other related segments. 

XPRESS is very well integrated with peripherals like bar code printers, POS printers, magnetic card readers, fingerprint readers, Inventory (Stock Take) devices etc., to allow for high performance, cost effectiveness and efficiency. Printouts can be customised for Thermal, Dot Matrix and Laser/Inkjet printing.  Pre-printed stationery customisation is also provided during implementation. Bar Code printing is highly integrated with support for dynamic templates that allow the end-user to design the labels independently. Support for additional services like SMS is also inbuilt.

XPRESS has an update feature allowing the end user to safely update the software and also includes a rollback feature. Update patches are released multiple times in a month and available to all users of the software.  XPRESS allows end users to configure the Application via application settings thereby enabling changing common functionality based upon requirements.

XPRESS has excellent support for chain stores to push data to multiple locations and integrate data from all locations. XPRESS includes a well defined security model for User permissions and security that can be easily managed centrally and distributed to branch locations.

XPRESS is built on Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and MS SQL Server.
Smaller Retailers may use MSDE/SQL Server Express as the database whereas MS SQL Server 2005 is the current recommended database for larger Retailers (XPRESS can work with any version of MS SQL Server 2000 and above.)

System Requirements:
Computer: Intel Pentium or compatible 1 GHz or higher
Memory (RAM) : 512 MB for Workstation and 1 GB for Server
Hard disk space : 100 MB

Operating System
Windows 2000 Professional, XP, Vista or Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008 family

Software and System Requirements
MSDE 2000 or higher
Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1

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